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Capital Markets Update: Focus on TISE - January 2019

This is the first in a new series of brief updates for our clients and contacts with an interest in the capital mar…

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Doing Business in Dubai - July 2017

Warren Luyt, Managing Director of our office in Dubai, this month shared with Gold Magazine in Cyprus his views on …

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20 Years of the Protected Cell Company - June 2017

Originally designed for use in the captive insurance sector, the protected cell company has established itself as a…

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Client: Mark Volchek of Las Olas Venture Capital

Florida is one of the most exciting stories on the U.S. venture capital scene right now, with the state being the t…

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Cayman Funds Magazine Annual Roundtable Discussion - April 2016

Cayman Funds Magazine recently invited senior executives from the private sector and the Cayman government to its f…

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In Cayman Fund Launches, Big is the New Small - October 2015

Thalius Hecksher, Global Director of fund services at Trident Trust, discusses the drivers behind the trend for big…

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African Private Equity: The Tipping Point - May 2015

African private equity has finally arrived after so many years of promise. This was the consensus around the table …

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