• Intellectual Property

    In an increasingly ideas-based economy, we help our clients protect and realise the value of intangible assets through appropriate and intelligent intellectual property structures.  Our clients include sports stars and celebrities, major corporates and entrepreneurs.

Intellectual property, whether patents, trademarks, copyrighted works, database rights and design rights, or image rights, can be one of a business’ most valuable assets. With a presence in a number of well recognised jurisdictions for intellectual property, including the Channel Islands, Cyprus, Isle of Man, Luxembourg and Malta, our global team is well-versed in working with professional advisors to implement intellectual property that protect and maximise the value of these assets.

Specialist Services

In addition, we work closely with specialist intellectual property advisors to provide a full range of intellectual property services, including:

  • Valuation
  • Insurance
  • Licensing and registration
  • Legal
  • Capital and funding
  • Taxation
  • Marketing
  • Project management
  • Holding structures

Image Rights

Guernsey enacted legislation in December 2012 that enabled the registration of image rights, for the first time anywhere in the world. The image rights regime is comparable to the concept of trademarks, but there is no requirement for the right to be linked to specific goods and services and it is aimed at protecting and exploiting the commercial use of a personality’s distinctive attributes.

A registered image right is a legally recognised asset which can be protected, assigned and licensed, providing greater certainty to all parties involved in the marketing, trading and charging of such rights, which have become a significant income stream for film stars, sports professionals, musicians and celebrities.

Image rights can be a key component of an international commercial structure that helps celebrities maximise and protect the diverse sources of their global income and also the assets in which they invest it.

Our specialist image rights team in Guernsey is able to assist with all aspects of the registration and holding of Guernsey image rights, for both businesses and individuals.