• Emerging Manager Platform

    Rather than establish a standalone fund, start-up managers can make use of a ready-to-go fund platform to reduce cost and time to market.

We are able to offer new managers an already established fund platform in Guernsey called Global Offshore PCC Limited (GOPL), which they can use as a quick and cost-effective alternative to establishing their own standalone fund.

About GOPL
GOPL is an authorised open-ended Class ‘B’ collective investment scheme which is regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission:

  • It is a protected cell company incorporated in Guernsey and is managed and administered by Trident Fund Services (Guernsey) Limited (TFSG)
  • A fund can be added to GOPL simply by forming a new cell in the structure
  • GOPL already has custodian, auditor and legal counsel relationships in place

GOPL offers managers a number of benefits:

  • A cell of GOPL can be formed faster and at a fraction of the costs than setting up a standalone fund
  • Each cell can have its own investment advisor who can be based anywhere
  • Guernsey ‘B’ schemes are very flexible with few restrictions
  • The assets and liabilities of each cell of GOPL are segregated from those of the other cells and those assets are not available to pay non-cellular liabilities of the PCC or the liabilities of TFSG
  • Each cell can be listed on The International Stock Exchange (TISE)
  • The structure is exempt from taxation in Guernsey

Why Guernsey?
Guernsey is a leading international domicile for alternative investment funds, with its experience in the formation, administration and crossborder distribution of funds dating back more than 50 years:

  • Mature, sophisticated and globally recognised regulated jurisdiction
  • Fiscally independent and politically stable financial centre
  • World class infrastructure and highly experienced financial community
  • Investment funds are exempt from Guernsey taxation
  • London time zone

Find Out More
Contact Joe Truelove, the head of our fund services team in Guernsey.